The Cresco Program

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The Cresco Program, a gem amongst Trice’s offerings, has always held a special place in my heart. And if you have ever been to one of our ‘Escape the 9-5 Events’ you will have certainly heard me mention this program. This six-month micro-program is a potent catalyst for business acceleration, designed to elevate the value of your business in a condensed time frame. It’s tailored specifically for small businesses, focusing on six core components:

1. Culture as the Foundation for Growth: A deep dive into the mindset and culture that underpins your business success.

2. Players on the Pitch: Ensuring the right people are in the right roles within your organization.

3. Economic Engine: An analysis of your revenue streams and strategies for enhancing them.

4. Habits and Housekeeping: Establishing written strategies for business continuity and growth.

5. Constructive Conversations: Emphasizing the role of clear, effective leadership communication.

6. Growth Accelerator Audit: Identifying opportunities for business growth.

What sets Cresco apart from other programs is the opportunity to work alongside multiple businesses, thereby cutting costs and creating a collaborative learning environment. You may also find offering this program might just be your special niche if your lucky.