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Ah, I see I’ve intrigued you with my curious choice of imagery – a bolt cutter and a defeated lock. Quite an odd selection for a piece of storytelling, you might think. But here’s the thing – every unforgettable story has an equally unforgettable prop, and in this case, it’s my trusty bolt cutter. This tale of triumph wasn’t just about overcoming external obstacles, but also internal ones. This lock, that bolt cutter, they’re symbols of the battles we fight inside ourselves, a testament to our inner strength when up against something that looks unbreakable. So, next time you see a bolt cutter, remember, it’s not just a tool, but a testament to our tenacity.

In the heart of windy Chicago, amidst the chaos of college move-in day, I faced a rather peculiar enemy – a stubborn lock that wouldn’t yield to the might of my newly acquired bolt cutter. With a lost key turning my storage unit into an inaccessible fortress, the advice from the storage manager (who was required to oversee the process but was not allowed to engage), who watched my struggle with concealed amusement, wasn’t particularly encouraging either. “Those locks aren’t meant to be broken,” he chuckled under his breath, suggesting a locksmith who could wrap the job up in a quick five.

As I grappled with the defiant lock, his words began to sound less like advice and more like a challenge. I saw in his eyes a growing entertainment, and while a part of me started to question my ability, another part was fueled by determination. I was in a race against time, with my kids and their friends waiting anxiously (at their dorm) for their belongings – hiring a locksmith just wasn’t an option.

So, I declared my intention, “This lock is coming off today”, I could see his surprise, but the more the odds seemed stacked against me, the more resolute I became. After fifteen grueling minutes, the lock gave way, and the shock on the manager’s face was worth every second of the struggle.

He admitted he’d never seen a woman break such a lock, but quickly added he would never put anything past a mother. I couldn’t help but feel a surge of satisfaction. However, It surprised me how easily I’d allowed his words to plant seeds of doubt in my mind. The experience was a stark reminder – people might tell you something’s impossible without any ill intent, but the moment you start doubting your abilities, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Remember, when it comes to what you can or cannot do, you’re the one who calls the shots.