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Stepping onto the court of cinematic critique is a rare feat for me, given my usual role as a spectator in the grand stands of life (and the occasional chauffeur for my ball-hooping prodigies). Yet, there I was, unceremoniously dunked into the midst of a corporate sneaker showdown, about none other than the high-flying legend, Mr. Jordan in the movie ‘Air’.

The quirky character of Sonny, with his eagle-eyed foresight, managed to hook me in – I found his passionate conviction, bordering on obstinacy, oddly resonant. Parallel to this, the fiercely protective figure of Jordan’s mother, portrayed by the inimitable Viola Davis, painted a vivid picture of maternal tenacity. Her belief in her son’s worth was unshakeable, her vision unwavering. An intriguing layer of honesty, so beautifully personified by Matt Damon’s Sonny, appeared to resonate with her. Not to be outdone, the depiction of Peter Moore, the visionary craftsman behind the iconic shoe, offered a fresh perspective and revealed the birth of a design that would straddle decades.

To say that the movie left me riveted until the final credits would be an understatement. In its wake, it laid out a blueprint of principles that resonates deeply with my business ethos: Vision, Persistence, Risk, Guts, Honesty, and Belief. Inching from the predictability of the sidelines to the center of the whirlwind, I found that the reel world had some real lessons to offer.

I must admit, it’s as if the universe has a knack for aligning the stars just right, because I find myself here at Tricres, a tableau of such vibrant characters who all embody this dynamic sextet of values. Each day, I’m entranced by the team’s boundless vision – they can peer into the future, see the unseen, and transform dreams into reality. The unfaltering persistence, reminiscent of Sonny’s tenacity, is palpable in each project we undertake. Here, honesty isn’t a mere virtue but the cornerstone of every interaction, preserving a culture of transparency and loyalty. What’s truly admirable is the collective belief in our mission, as staunch and unwavering as Jordan’s mother’s faith in her son. It’s a privilege to be part of such a team, where I’m not just playing a role, but rather, participating in a grand saga of innovation and growth.