How important is self-care in the journey of a business owner?

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Self care, a term often thrown around yet seldom understood in its real sense. It’s always been a tricky topic for me to discuss, mainly because my perspective on self care might differ from the norm. For some, self care might mean detaching from their everyday routine, relaxing, and just letting go. While there’s nothing wrong with that, my personal interpretation deviates a bit.

To me, self care means indulging in activities that bring me joy. It could be as simple as a serene walk on the beach, immersing myself in a gripping movie, or even working on a project that I genuinely enjoy. It might even mean splurging on a luxurious stay at a hotel during my travels or driving a Maserati. Or perhaps, it’s just me, curling up with an engaging book.

In essence, for me…self care is a highly personalized concept. It’s about identifying what brings you peace, what sparks joy in you, and investing time in it. Because at the end of the day, finding joy and peace in what you do is the true essence of self care.