Courage in business

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Truly, there have been numerous instances where I’ve found myself questioning my actions, inquiring, “What the $@,! am I doing?” 
I’ve often felt isolated, a solitary warrior in a battleground of adversity, akin to the biblical David in the epic confrontation between David and Goliath.

Courage, I have found, didn’t come naturally or easily. However, it became my constant companion, my reliable crutch upon which I’ve leaned over the years. Courage, as I’ve come to learn, is a composition of more than just the void of fear. It encapsulates the audacity to confront adversity head-on, even when fear is a palpable presence. It is about embodying tenacity and resilience, daring to step beyond the confines of comfort, and standing unwavering in the face of a tumultuous storm. Courage is not about the absence of fear; it is about persisting in spite of it. It is that quiet voice within that whispers, “Keep going,” when all outward indications suggest retreat. It is the spark that ignites action even in the direst of circumstances, exemplifying that true strength lies not in evasion, but in confrontation.

What’s your version of courage?