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When it comes to books, I’m more attached than a barnacle to a ship’s hull – only my family can outshine my love for a good read. Now, picking favorites?

That’s about as easy as herding cats. But, my go-to genres are non-fiction and biographies – let’s call them the protein in my literary diet. Occasionally, I’ll veer off course and dive into a book that’s just a ‘pleasure cruise’, with no intellectual heavy lifting involved.

For the brave souls embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, there are countless books that could serve as your North Star. I could rattle off a list as long as the Nile, but to keep it digestible, here are a few staples from my personal library, along with a couple of recent discoveries that have tickled my fancy.

– Purple Cow & Free Prize Inside by Seth Godin
– Mavericks at Work William C.Taylor & Polly LaBarre
– Enchanted by Guy Kawasaki
– Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
– Beyond Buzz by Lois Kelly