Why Wicked Apple Concepts?

Think of us as the secret weapon your business didn’t know it needed – authentic, steadfast, and direct. We are experts at spotting the hidden snags in your operations. Our role is clear-cut: to bolster and safeguard your business value, shedding light on the superlative, the average, and the outstanding aspects of your operation. Simultaneously, we serve as your cultural sherpa, fearlessly delving into the core of your company’s culture to ensure a harmonious relationship between your business, board, and employees. If your culture isn’t the framework of your operations, we’ll call it out, assertively and without ambiguity.

Once your culture, purpose, vision, and mission march in lockstep, we advance to the final phase. We’ll bravely align your brand with your culture, purpose, vision, and mission because a brand detached from its culture is like a narrative without an apex – it simply lacks impact.

We speak the unvarnished truth, no frills attached. In today’s fluid landscape, sustaining a competitive advantage and distinguishing yourself amongst competitors necessitates carving a niche, thinking beyond traditional boundaries and radiating authenticity.

At Wicked Apple Concepts, this is the foundation of our strategy, and more. Our team brings to the table over five decades of cumulative experience, with each member adept at the “path less travelled”.

We pledge honesty, openness, and practical solutions that enable your company to set itself apart in today’s saturated market, devoid of any exaggerated hype or empty promises. Whether your business requires direction, a refresher of its value offer, targeting new demographics, emphasizing on customer retention, or rebuilding trust via staff training, our comprehensive strategies and SWOT analysis promise to surpass your expectations.

Wicked Apple Concepts is primed to create case studies of your current business strategy, enabling us to craft a plan that is not only executable but sustainable over time. And our offerings? They continue to expand and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.

With Wicked Apple Concepts as your ally, your business is bound to prosper in today’s swift-paced world. Don’t hesitate, dive in and collaborate with us – you won’t regret it. Take the first stride towards fortifying your business and get in touch with Wicked Apple Concepts today! Let’s collaborate and carve a path to enduring success for your company.

What do we offer? Our portfolio of services continues to grow and evolve, however, here are just a few:

Business Development
Business Consulting
Crisis Management
Marketing Tools
Social Media Service
Customer Service Training

Genuine, Determined, Straightforward