MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS WITH US Wicked Apple Concepts is here to assist your business with a variety of issues.

Why Wicked Apple Concepts?

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Well, we speak the Wicked truth, simple as that.

In today’s current environment, to sustain a competitive edge and stand out amongst a sea of competitors, you must carve out a niche, think outside the box and resonate authenticity. At Wicked Apple Concepts, the cornerstone of our strategy is just that and beyond. Our team boasts a combined fifty plus years of experience, each member specializing in that “out of the box experience”.
We will be honest, upfront and offer real world solutions that will allow your company to differentiate yourself in today’s saturated market, no misleading hype, or empty promises. Whether you need to determine the direction of your business, be reminded of the value you offer, target new demographics, focus on client retention or rebuild trust through staff training, you can count on our formulated strategies and SWOT analysis to surpass your expectations.
Wicked Apple Concepts is prepared to create case studies on your current business strategy, allowing us to create a plan that can be implemented and sustainable over the years.

Our Services

What do we offer? Our portfolio of services continues to grow and evolve, however, here are just a few:


Business Development

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Business Consulting

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Crisis Management

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Customer Service

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Marketing Tools

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Social Media

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